WHY Work with us?


Quality is not the random result of individual efforts: it is anchored in our internal processes. Quality awareness is a key factor in determining the people we choose. And our striving for continual improvement means that we are constantly analyzing the work our people produce. Further training is also provided where appropriate Standard methods of quality assurance (in accordance with the LISA standard, for instance) are, of course, the bedrock of this approach.
Every member of our translation and localization teams is a trained subject expert with years of proven performance in the translation industry. The company employs cutting-edge translation memory, glossary and terminology management tools to maintain consistency across projects and to achieve long-term cost savings through text leveraging.
Our' team is well-trained on new and traditional translation and desktop publishing applications. We are also subscribed to a wide network of web translation communities and translation discussion groups that provide glossaries and consultations on translation and localization issues.


•    Glossary building/revision
•    Translation Memory building
•    Test translation
•    Test translation approval from the client
•    Translation
•    Files spell-checking
•    Files proofreading & QC
•    Applying QC comments
•    QC Approval  
•    Preliminary delivery to the client
•    Applying client feedback
•    Project Delivery


Since we are your professional reliable business partners, we keep your documents' privacy and secrecy as a top secret issue upon your request.

We take confidentiality seriously at Ocean2GULF. We always adhere to the strictest standards of confidentiality.Ocean2GULF takes its responsibility towards its clients' privacy seriously, and takes extra measures when necessary to ensure the safety and privacy of information.