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With ultimate focus on quality and confidentiality, Ocean2Gulf was founded in 2005 to provide all language-related services, including but not limited to translation, localization, technical writing, software testing and local market research. However, later on, the increasing demand on language services has encouraged us to provide more specific services, such as subtitling, voiceover, as well as games localization.

We have successfully run major translation projects for many of the world’s leading manufacturers, innovators as well as hardware and software developers. We have also undertaken hundreds of subcontracted assignments where we have been implementing the language related part in huge projects.
Our commitment is to achieve the best quality, while meeting our clients’ deadlines

High quality translation is vital to any business success. Working with us, you must be assured that your documents will be communicated accurately in the target language. As an experienced team, we know how to respond to a challenge. Once we make a commitment, we rely on our enormous reliable resources to achieve our client’s requirements.

We are constantly expanding our engineering, multimedia and translation resources to meet clients’ requirements. We are always keen on training and improving our staff to cope with the latest technologies and concepts in the field. This ensures that our client gets the best services on time using the latest and most cost effective methods.

Your privacy, our priority!

Since we are your professional reliable business partner, we keep your documents' privacy and secrecy as a top-secret task upon your request.
We take confidentiality seriously at Ocean2Gulf. We always adhere to the strictest standards of confidentiality. Ocean2Gulf takes its responsibility towards its clients' privacy earnestly, and takes extra measures, when necessary, to ensure the safety and privacy of information.


Why Ocean2Gulf?

Quality is not the random result of individual efforts: it is anchored in our internal processes. Our key factor in choosing our team is quality awareness. Moreover, as we strive for continual improvement, we constantly analyze our team’s performance. Further training is also provided, in which Standard methods of quality assurance (in accordance with the ISO standards) are, of course, the bedrock of this approach. Every member of our translation and localization teams is a trained subject expert, with years of proven performance in the translation industry. The company employs high-tech translation memory, glossary and terminology management tools to maintain consistency across projects and to achieve long-term cost savings through text leveraging. Our' team is well trained on new and traditional translation and desktop publishing applications. Furthermore, we are subscribed to a wide network of web translation communities and translation discussion groups that provide glossaries and consultations on translation and localization issues.







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