Functional and Linguistic Testing

Ocean2Gulf provides a complete suite of services to clients all over the world ranging from document translation, Software/media localization to brand checking and cultural consultation.


Localization Services

Software/website testing is normally associated with functionality verification; however, we believe that non-functional areas such as language, readability and localization issues are becoming an inseparable part of the complete testing process.

While functional testing is surely inevitable as it ensures that the tested product will perform its primary and secondary functions properly, linguistic testing focuses on the correctness and readability of the target translations and it ensures that the target audience will understand your message properly and will actually feel your product is local.

Our testing team can handle:
  • Linguistic Testing
    Check for translation accuracy, look for typos, grammatical issues and other readability issues.
  • Correction of linguistic issues
    We can fix issues directly in client’s CMS or report issues via client’s/our tracking system
  • Functional Testing
    Use of real-life scenarios to simulate the actual users’ behaviors in order to check the app/website response in each step. Look for issues and thinking of how resolve them and how to enhance the overall users experience.
  • Functional bugs reporting and tracking
    Functional bugs reporting and tracking via our in-house tracking system or client proprietary system
  • Bug Management
    Our team can report/track bugs in our internal systems and share it with you or implement it directly in your bug tracking system. Using tracking systems keeps track of all issues, responses and updates all parties with solution progress.

Need to Grow Your Business in New regions?

Ocean2Gulf can assist you to discover new markets for your products and services using our expert localization services. Our local-experts can give you an in-depth cultural consultation to make your product/services appealing for the target audience. We have helped hundreds of clients in choosing their brands/product names carefully to make sure that they select the most appropriate names.