Ocean2Gulf provides a complete suite of services to clients all over the world ranging from document translation, Software/media localization to brand checking and cultural consultation.


Cultural Services

Our local teams have completed hundreds of cultural consultation services including:

1. Brand checks

Ocean2Gulf helped hundreds of international businesses in selecting names for their products/brands that are culturally and linguistically acceptable in the target markets. We follow a rigid system for testing and choosing names that are:

  • Culturally Acceptable
  • Have no offensive meaning in the languages of the target markets
  • Easy to pronounce in the target markets
  • Not conflicting with other brands/products in the target markets


2. Cultural checks
Through our cultural/linguistic consultants, we help our clients in the global market to adapt their documents and audio/video content to be culturally acceptable in the target markets. International businesses always seek to add a local flavor to their work while keeping their core values and practices intact. Our role is to help those businesses achieve local reach and acceptance through appealing to the local audience’s values, traditions and preferences.
3. Copy adaptation

Our team of in-country experienced copywriters can re-write your content and marketing material to fit into the specific traditions and culture-attributes of the target audience.  Our role is to ensure that your content fits into the local market and avoid literal translation in the target language while keeping your ideas and key messages intact.


Need to Grow Your Business in New regions?

Ocean2Gulf can assist you to discover new markets for your products and services using our expert localization services. Our local-experts can give you an in-depth cultural consultation to make your product/services appealing for the target audience. We have helped hundreds of clients in choosing their brands/product names carefully to make sure that they select the most appropriate names.