Ocean2Gulf provides a complete suite of services to clients all over the world ranging from document translation, Software/media localization to brand checking and cultural consultation.


Localization Services

Ocean2Gulf helped dozens of international companies to enter new markets worldwide while ensuring that their products/services will be in perfect match for the target markets. We help our clients in localizing their programs, systems, apps, games, websites, graphics and videos into any language for any specific country.

Unlike simple translation, localization captures cultural differences and it takes into consideration regional traditions, customs, religious beliefs as well as legal and linguistic requirements. That is why you always need a professional localization team to help you customize your product/service to adapt to the legal, cultural, and formatting needs of the target market.

Ocean2Gulf’s localization team is highly professional and experienced in different types of localization especially into the Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian languages with all its linguistic complexities.

Aside from user interface and on-screen text localization, we also help in localizing product documentation and conduct video dubbing as well as linguistic and functional testing of the resulting product, prior to its launch in the target markets.

Ocean2Gulf utilizes almost all of the software localization tools including Passolo, Sisulizer, Alchemy Catalyst as well as client specific platforms.

Ocean2Gulf localization team can help you:
  • Fully localize your website/software app/program system providing all it functionalities into all languages,
  • Translate User interface for your website/app/program/system
  • Fully localize and translate your product’s documentation either printed or electronics
  • Localize your product’s marketing material
  • Complete a comprehensive linguistic and functional testing of your website/program/app/system to ensure that it works perfectly in the target languages/markets.
  • Implementing language specific components such as spell-checkers or linguistic tools into your app/system/website.

Need to Grow Your Business in New regions?

Ocean2Gulf can assist you to discover new markets for your products and services using our expert localization services. Our local-experts can give you an in-depth cultural consultation to make your product/services appealing for the target audience. We have helped hundreds of clients in choosing their brands/product names carefully to make sure that they select the most appropriate names.